Casterton Community Trust

Casterton has been enhanced as a result of the grants made so far and the trustees would like to encourage residents to come up with ideas for projects with broad community benefit.


Residents may wish to approach a trustee in advance of making an application to get an opinion as to whether their idea might be suitable for consideration.


The trustees seek applications for grants from the trust and applications for large or small amounts are equally acceptable.


Application forms (and the categories under which applications can be considered) can be found on the Casterton Community Trust page of the Village website ( or can be obtained from the Secretary by phoning 015242 72143.


Only one application for consideration should be presented by an organisation in any grant period.


Applications for consideration at the next trustees’ meeting should be received by Thursday 16th September 2021.


Trust Document

Casterton Community Trust

Grants Awarded up until April 2018


 Casterton Parish Council: £500 for repairs to the seat on the Village Green.

 Casterton Village Hall Committee: £594.72 for vertical window blinds in the Village Hall.

 Casterton District Church Council: £379 towards a new shed and concrete base for gardening equipment.



  Casterton WI: £495.68 for a digital projector and laser pointer.

  Casterton District Church Council: £766 for a new name board for the Church.

   Casterton Parish Council: £1000 towards improved street lighting.

  Casterton Village Hall: £500 towards a new name board for the Village Hall.

  Casterton Parish Council: £500 towards improved street lighting.

  Casterton District Church Council: £400 towards a new seat for the Churchyard.



  B4RN for Casterton:  £500 for start up/incidental expenses.

  B4RN for Casterton:  Further £500 for incidental expenses.

  Casterton District Church Council: £109 for purchase of vacuum cleaner.



  Casterton Parish Council: £326 towards repairs to the War Memorial

  Casterton Village Hall: £500 towards a new boiler



  Casterton Parish Council: £1160 towards th e cost of a defibrillator



  £438.80 for a bench on Laitha Lane


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Election of Trustees

In 2020 the term of office of 4 Trustees came to an end and there were 7 nominations for the 4 vacancies.


At public meeting of Casterton Community Trust held at the village hall on Tuesday 22nd June the sealed envelopes containing the votes cast in the 2020 election of Trustees were opened and the results were as follows:


Mrs. Gill Sykes - 60 votes

Mr. Christopher Dodd - 58 votes

Mr. Peter Makinson - 50 votes

Mr. Tom Herd - 39 votes

Mr. David Metcalfe - 33 votes

Mrs. Laura Mawdsley - 26 votes

Mrs. Lisa Lodge - 18 votes.


Sadly in the intervening time Mr. Tom Herd has died.


Mrs. Lisa Lodge has become a councillor and is no longer eligible to be a Trustee.


The process was scrutinised by Mr. Nick Cotton.


Four Trustees were required and therefore at the forthcoming AGM Mrs. Gill Sykes, Mr. Christopher Dodd, Mr. Peter Makinson and Mr. David Metcalfe will be appointed as Trustees.


Casterton Community Trust Sept 2021