2011 Census Data

South Lakes District Council have analysed much of the data from the 2011 Census on a Parish basis and made it available for general use. This includes age profile, occupations, educational achivements and much else besides. For Casterton the data is skewed by the presence of the pupils at Casterton School, but nonetheless there is much of interest.


Click on the button below to see the raw data for each parish, with that for Casterton highlighted in yellow

Raw Data

Local Area Partnerships (LAPs) are made up of elected representatives from the three tiers of local government:


  Local councils including town and parish councils and parish meetings

  South Lakeland District Council (SLDC)

  Cumbria County Council.


Casterton is part of the Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale LAP.


SLDC has collated much of the 2011 census data to produce a profile of "our" LAP, which although it does not give data at a parish level, nonetheless gives a good snapshot of where we live.  


Click on the button below to link to the SLDC LAP website, and then click on "2013 LAP Profile" to look at this summary, which includes some maps.

LAP Data