History Exhibition 2018

To coincide with the re-dedication of the recently restored War Memorial on September 21st 2018, an exhibition was mounted in the church and the village hall from September 21st-23rd.


This had the dual purposes of remembering those men who lost their lives in two world wars, and those who returned safely, and setting this in an historical context with displays of village life in the first half of the twentieth century.


The servicemen's history was researched  by Chris Benson and Jean Hamlett, and the displays in the village hall were created by a team comprising Enid Hastings, Jean Lobley, May Mackie, Ann Mills, Anne Simpkins, Gill Sykes and Jean Hamlett.


The displays in the village hall make an interesting snapshot of the last 100 years, and photographs of each of them can be accessed by clicking on their titles below.

Village History

Two World Wars

The Exhibition