Informal Social Event, January 31st 2020


To mark the historic occasion of The United Kingdom leaving the European Union, a fun social event was held in the village hall on the evening of January 31st.  


The hall was decorated with British flags, European Union flags (there were both leavers and remainers amongst the participants) balloons and fairy lights lending a festive air to the occasion.




















The 35-40 participants enjoyed an amazing Jacob's Join, and whatever drinks they had brought along.  There followed a general knowledge quiz based on Britain with sections including history, geography, and famous Britons.  Further entertainment was provided by a speciaally composed song (with audience participation), and poetry reading.  


Thanks to the generosity of many businesses in Casterton there was a wonderful raffle, and the net £100 raised from this has since been donated to the North West Air Ambulance.





















The high speed internet connection in the hall, enabled the evening to be rounded off by streaming live TV pictures of some of the events taking place in London leading up to 11.00pm, when Britain formally left the EU.

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